Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gabby LIVE...

Black Eyed Peas or Dirty Dancing Style! You take your pick!

Gabby seriously makes me laugh so hard most days! She is a character!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

First Blooms...

I LOVE this time of year!  When my flower garden begins to bloom!  It seems like everything is in full bloom at the same time for at least two weeks.  I love this!  I tend to spend a lot of time in the flower garden during this time and all of summer too! 
The rose in the front is our "Ellie" rose!  I love that we found a name of a rose that matches the name of our Angel!  I look forward to that first bloom every year!  The roses in the back are from my Mother's Day rose plant this year from Jeff and Gabby.  It is thorn-less....I never knew they had thorn-less roses out there.  I love it! 

xoxo, Katie

Gabby's 1st T-Ball Game!

Yesterday was Gabby's first t-ball game!  She did a great job!  Two weeks ago I would have told you I was VERY nervous about the upcoming season!  I think the trick was purchasing a tee for her to practice with.  Apparantly all of the rest of the parents had already purchased tee's and practiced with their children prior to the first practice. Oops...we missed the memo...they are all only three years old afterall! 

Check out Gabby's great hit of the day!  We are so proud of her!  It is very evident by the loud screaming you hear from me after she hits the ball! Disreagard my annoying voice :). 

xoxo, Katie

Friday, May 13, 2011

She Makes Everything Better...

Emotional roller coaster!  That explains the past two days for me.  Lots of "issues" going on right now that are really not for Blogger World.  I will work through them.

Gabby and I headed off to lunch and some retail therapy...because that almost always makes things a little better.  Gabby loves the piano player at Von Maur.  She always browses the shoe department, sits on the couch and listens to the music or stares at the old people listening to the music as well.

Today she amazed me!

Everyday she amazes me! 
And as I watched her....I broke down into tears...sobbing tears complete with mascara running, snotty nose, etc.  I love you Gabby with all my heart!  Never lose your unique personality unlike any other person I have every met and your enthusiasm about life!  Your Momma loves you SO MUCH!  Thanks for making my days brighter....everything is better with you in my life! 


Monday, April 18, 2011

We've Come So Far....Has It Really Been 5 Years?

Ellie's First Birthday
Sometimes it seems as though she has been gone for a lifetime.  Other times it seems as though it was just yesterday we said goodbye.  Ellie's anniversary was yesterday, April 17th.  She has been gone 5 years.  I really did not feel like blogging about this yesterday to be honest.  Each time I thought about getting on and saying a few things it felt like a chore, a job, an obligation to others...and I just was not feeling it.  I knew it would feel right another day.  Tonight it here I am. 

I think she could see Angels...
We have come a really long way in 5 years.  I always have the words, "one day at a time" in the back of my head especially when days are gray.  However, I have always tried to always celebrate the life of Ellie, the times we shared with her and continue her legacy in some way.  I feel we have made some real progress in these areas.  Don't get me wrong...some days all I want to do is hide in a great big hole and escape from the world.  But, we all know that we can't stay there forever right?  And Ellie is always powering me forward honestly.  What example would I be setting to Gabby, Jeff and others if I did this?  Ellie was so strong in her short lifetime.  Therefore, I owe it all to her to be strong for my family and friends.

It's okay to grieve though, I have realized.  This is why I have recently organized a 'Bereavement Group' for our community!  In the last 5 years, I have met individuals that have lost children. Jeff and I have spoken at multiple events and shared our story with others. It is humbling and reassuring to be able to talk to others that have experienced similar situations. It has encouraged me and given me inspiration to move forward. We listen to each other, our struggles, give a hug, tell each other that no matter what our situations are or the outcomes we have faced, we are supported. We all have a common bond…something that not all parents can say they have had before. And even though every situation we have experienced may be different…in a way there is similarity. We have all lost children. Whether through miscarriage, stillbirth, infant, childhood or adult death…we have lost our children.

Our Angel! 
Each time I meet a new person that has lost a child I am grateful. However, as I part from them, I can’t help but think about others. What about someone else that has lost a child and might be looking for another person to talk to, however, is too afraid to reach out for help? I have learned, through my grieving process that we are afraid sometimes to speak with counselors or therapist’s initially, rather, desire something or someone not as formal. Therefore, I have decided to start a bereavement group. This is in no way shape or form” therapy”. I am not certified to formally counsel others or provide therapy. But I do know that I am to provide my time and heart to someone else that has gone through this tragic experience. My hope is that we can all find support from each other. This group could allow other parents that chosen not to take the step of talking with others for some reason or another…to do so now. Or just spending time in the presence of others that have lost children is a huge step forward. 

The group is set to begin on April 28th and will continue every third Thursday of the month thereafter.  It is for people that have lost children through miscarriage, stillbirth, infant, childhood and adult death.  I feel this should reach a lot of people.  The local newspaper in our area is running an article this week promoting the group and I can't wait to what is said! I hope that this group succeeds!  I know that it has the potential to!  Only God knows the outcome right?  He will bring people in need forward and I will be forever blessed to have met them!  Coming forward and walking into a room of people to speak about the hardest thing you have had to go through in your life is hard...real hard!  The last thing we want to do is face the fact that our child(ren) are gone and working through this is even harder!

Talking Away....
So..."We've Come So Far" can be a good thing.  We may not always have great days, but it really helps me to be active and help others.  Because we all know when we help return we help ourselves. 

xoxo, Katie

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Such A Change From Last Year...

Last year at this time...Gabby couldn't quick grasp the idea of a bicycle.  This same bicycle that my dad got her last summer was scary to her.  She liked to look at it, play with the horn, twirl the streamers that hung from the handle bars, however, that was about it.  I took her to the park at the end of the summer and she  crashed on the sidewalk so that made her even more fearful...I THOUGHT!   

MOVE OVER LAST YEAR!  Look at her go! 
MaMa and Daddy tried their hardest to keep up with her!  They were walking with her after dinner and thought she would just head up the sidewalk a little bit and then turn around.  NOT! She took them all the way around the block and then cried when they told her "no" about another round.   
I had a hard time getting snapshots of her she was going so fast!  I know exactly how I am getting my exercise this summer!  Follow Little Miss around on the bike and you'll be sure to shed some pounds!   
Isn't she growing up so fast?  So hard to believe! It's going to be a great summer!  
Gabby and her MaMa!  We Love You So Much! 
xoxo, Katie

Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's Coming...I Promise!

A New Fabulous BLOG POST!  I really is coming!  I have been buried in ribbons and bows from my small business(Gabri-Ellie Hair Bows) that seems to be taking off so fast!  I guess when someone sat me down about a year ago and told me that it takes a year for a business to get moving I should have listened.  Love it...but some days I can't think straight.  Which I believe is normal when you're a mom right? 

Other than that, dust, a disorganized home, temps in Indiana, loud noises beginning at 7AM!!! from our room addition going on sums up our current status at the Chamness household.  Jeff's new office=the room addition and it really looks to come!  Gabby is handling all of this mess like a trooper.  We have had some really great behavior days lately!  Like the "only seen in the movies" kind where the mom and daughter are walking down the street hand in hand gazing in each others eyes...I love it!  Maybe we are over the hump of the wacky and crazy 3's considering that she is now the BIG 3 1/2!  Or maybe I just jinxed myself?  Hoping for more good days....they make everything that much better! 

Will update with pictures too...when that awesome blog post of a lifetime comes! 
Until then, look at this adorable little girl!! 
Little Miss Mermaid taking her 4th bath for the day!! 
 Her mermaid attire came in the mail the other day!  For those that were not aware, Gabby has been waiting for this to come for over a month.  She asks every day when it will arrive so this mama is thanking USPS or the people at for sending this pretty little thing...FINALLY!  When the package arrived on the doorstep, we were pretty sure we had never seen a more excited Gabby!  She was busting out dance moves I have never seen before in my life...and I partied with some CRAZY people in college...hee hee!